Finally a place that knows how to groom the Maltese breed! They even have a look book so you can choose from a bunch of pictures to help explain what style you are going for. I'm kind of a visual gal so I found this to be quite helpful. They do all the fancy schmancy stuff that I like here, like facial scrubs to help with tear staining and nice smelling shampoos and conditioners.

Bobbi V
Once again a wonderful experience with the staff at Salty Paw!!! May did a great job on our Maltese *baby*....who is very spoiled! She even gave her a fun & funky pink mowhawk!! It was so cute! We were so pleased to pick her up & see her *new* look! I can't say enough good things about this place & May! Thanks for taking such good care of our Baby!

Mick M
so i just moved into the financial district and have been on the hunt for a great groomer for miss nala. Well we found it, such a cute shop! and the staff couldn't be more friendly or helpful. great location and great service. They also have super cute collars and clothes. so far the best Ive found in the area.

Susie E
my sister told me about this place, they have very good products and they treated my dog well because she excited when i picked her up. she looked so cute and hand't had a decent cut in months. i got some cute things for there and I'm def going there again a few weeks.

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