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Oct 2011-Pet Style News

From New York Magazine April 16-22 Issue #707

“At this trendy furball spa, you can spoil Fluffy and Fido rotten with Sexy Beast dog cologne (yup) and other I-can’t-believe-they-make-this products such as a Black Dog Farm custom-fit raincoat ($35-$65) or a pet portrait by a local artist ($220 for an 11-by-14-inch painting, plus shipping). More moderate animal owners might be interested in a bag of Canine Confectionery fish biscuits ($6.50) or Kitty Jones handmade catnip toys ($12). 38 Peck Slip between Front and South Sts (212-732-2275,” Read the article here

Pup Culture Magazine – June/July 2012

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Isaac Mizrahi Fashion Poodles

A few weeks back I was blown away by Isaac Mizrahi’s New York Fashion Week show. Yes, his designs were incredibly lovely, but what really caught my eye were the glamorous poodles that proudly walked the runway along side Mizrahi’s models. Wanting to know more about this spectacular show, I was thrilled when the talented groomers, responsible for styling these catwalk dogs, agreed to answer some of my questions. With their creative approach to styling and show-stopping expertise, The Salty Paw in New York City is certainly not your average grooming spa.

What was it like to work with Isaac Mizrahi? Did you conceptualize any parts of the show together?

Amanda: It was a pretty amazing opportunity to work with such an international known designer. We were so flattered they choose our groom spa. Our groomers are experts in their field of dyeing. We took a meeting with Isaac and his team to discuss the colors, and fancy show cuts that would work on the poodles.
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NYC’s 6 Best Dog Groomers And Care Services

Salty Paw groomers have the power (and hair dye) to transform dogs into other breeds–turning a bichon into a panda bear or a chow into a punk rocker with a Mohawk.

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From Timeout Magazine

“Once, ship captains roamed South Street Seaport hawking exotic goods, but the former port of call has now officially gone to the dogs. Fortunately, this petcentric boutique, which caters to canines of all sizes as well as felines, throws a bone to their two-legged companions. The cozy spot features a salvaged fire hydrant; an in-house pooch (co-owner Amanda Byron Zinks enormous Great Dane); and a posh grooming spa adorned with 1950s subway tiles, barn wood from Connecticut and a slate tub from a stable in Maine. The regal treatment for four-legged creatures extends to Black Dog Farms custom-made raincoats, and bowwow treats such as organic frozen yogurt which humans can eat too and croissants in the barkery.

From New York Magazine

“Named after a slang term for an old sailor, this pet store and grooming spa is devoted to serving its South Street Seaport neighbors. The food is almost entirely organic and includes California Natural and Innova, as well as offbeat treats like Bowser Beer (an alcohol-free dog brew made of malt extract and beef stock). Custom accessories like beds, collars, and coats are another specialty here. Owners can even commission a cartoon-like portrait of their pets by artist Heather Piccoli. The grooming area is separated from the store by a glass wall so owners can watch their dog or cat being attended—and the staff goes the extra mile, clipping nails and hand-drying the animals. For even more pampering, on Wall St. Wednesdays clients can drop off pets as early as 8 A.M. for a full day that includes grooming, two walks, supervised playtime, and treats. “

From Downtown Express

“Larger dogs will finally have a grooming place in Lower Manhattan like their smaller-framed friends. The Salty Paw is billed as a “dog accessory emporium and grooming spa” and is slated to open in March at 38 Peck Slip. Big dogs are welcome.

This is not one of those Manhattan boutiques that only accepts teeny tiny dogs in sweaters, said Randi Karmin, one of the owners. We will be offering accessories and services for mid-size to large, to all shapes and sizes of dogs. Karmin and co-owners Calli Lerner, Sandra Tedesco, and Amanda Byron Zink, are all Seaport residents who have been living Downtown for at least 10 years. Lerner, Tedesco, and Byron Zink, who are dog owners, and Karmin, an animal lover, observed a need for a local shop for their cherished animal friends. I can’t even count how many times I’ve wished for a store like this in our area, said Lerner. Yarrow L.L.C., developers of Historic Front Street, will begin renovations immediately for Salty Paw. There will be the same “Old New York” style that the Front St. development project is committed to having, Karmin said of the groups work restoring historic buildings on the block and converting them to apartments and retail spaces. “We want to create an environment that’s reflective of the area, so it will be warm and inviting. There was such a huge need for this, the only comparable store in Lower Manhattan is in Tribeca, Karmin said in a telephone interview. The area has experienced tremendous growth in the recent past. We notice so many more new residents, professionals with and without families, and definitely with dogs….”

Pets In New York: Offbeat Dog Services
For fashion-forward canines:
The Salty Paw

Ever since Isaac Mizrahi commissioned this doggie daycare center, spa and boutique to dye poodles for his fall 2011 show, calls have been pouring in from owners looking to add a little hue to their hounds. But as manager Janet Carhuayano explains, not all requests are practical: “This is New York City, where people’s dogs are an extension of themselves, so we get a lot of vanity calls.

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A Better Way

The Salty Paw, a trendy pet store in the Big Apple owned by Amanda Byron Zink, helps shelter and rescue pets in its community by sponsoring fundraising drives and featuring them in adoption events.
“The Salty Paw is a wonderful shop,” says Jamie Lyn Rubin, manager of Best Friends’ New York City programs. “They provide much more than just great grooming services and unique accessories. They genuinely care about helping animals. They are incredibly supportive of local New York City animal rescues, promoting them through adoption events they host, as well as supporting Best Friends New York.

Halloween at the Seaport is fun for all

Leaving no base uncovered, the Salty Paw joined in the fun by hosting its fourth annual “doggy costume party,” one big inter-species play date reserved exclusively for dogs and their masters. “Our four-legged friends are like furry kids — they want to have fun too!” said Janet Carhuayano, manager of the Salty Paw.

Downtown Dogs Dress Up

Dozens of dogs donned costumes ranging from $75 satin designer duds to sequined homemade creations. Many owners dressed to match their pooches.”Nothing ceases to amaze me anymore,” said Amanda Byron Zink, owner of The Salty Paw. “Right when I think I’ve seen it all, every year I see something new.” This year, the event raised money for Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in memory of Tyras, Zink’s beloved Great Dane, who had a bad heart and died in May.

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