Been to many other groomers in my day but since I have been in the downtown area, I have yet to be as happy as I am with The Salty Paw. From their great pet products to the way they make my pooch look to the friendly owners, I really must give them a big pat on the back! I highly reccomend bringing your pet here as they are very trust worthy and time efficient.

Happy Customer
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The Salty Paw is one of the best dog spa’s in NYC. They are so great that I travel with my pooch from the UES. The service is amazing and I LOVE their merchandise.
They have the greatest toys, accessories, sweaters and treats. My dog loves going there and gets so excited in the cab because she knows she’s in for a treat!! The additional cab expense is well worth it since their prices are amazing compared to what I have paid for similar items on the UES. Eric, the groomer, is the greatest and genuinely loves animals! Thank goodness for the Paw!!!!!!

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