What are the best screen room tents

During your camping planning phase, if you have been looking for family tents then perhaps you have come across the term “screen room tent”. So, what is a screen room tent exactly?

Some brands of multi-room tents include a so-called screened porch, or a floorless area covered by transparent mesh fabric. These tents are mostly suitable for summer, and they are perfect for camping in the warm weather. The mesh fabric allows natural light and heat to penetrate the tent itself, which makes it not such a great product for the colder season. It also allows you to enjoy the nature and outdoors from the comfort of yout tent, without worrying about leaves or bugs entering your tent.

Types of screen room tents

If you are not yet completely sold, and wish to learn more about tents with screen rooms, below you can read about the various types of tents that present this feature.

Dome style tent or cabin style tent?

Depending on the shape of the tent itself, you can find either dome tents or cabin tents. Tents which have a dome shape usually have shorter, curved walls, which can sometimes be less convenient due to the lack of headspace. The benefit of dome tents is their aerodynamic shape, which makes them highly resistant against the wind and allows them to be much sturdier against harsher weather conditions, such as snow.

Cabin tents are getting increasingly more popular among families going on camping trips together. A cabin tent usually has multiple doors and windows, high walls, lots of storage and sleeping space, and it can feel much more comfortable and homely than a dome shaped tent. It is important to keep in mind, however, that cabin tents are only suitable for the warm season, and not so much for colder weather.

Screen room with a floor or without?

Depending on your needs and preferences, you should also think about whether you want your screen room to have a floor underneath or not.

Screen rooms with a floor underneath are usually treated as another tent room: they are completely covered and protected, and the floor means that you can also use it as a room to hang out during the day, or to store your belongings. It is not recommended to sleep inside a screen room as it is not fully protected from the rain, due to the mesh walls surrounding it.

If you don’t need the extra room, then buying a tent with screen room no floor underneath can be a better choice for you. You can use a floorless screen room for various things, such as using a grill and cooking, or placing a small table and chairs for eating without worrying about ruining the floor fabric. The mesh walls provide some protection from bugs and other things, but it allows the smell to escape and not linger inside the tent.

There are various things to take into consideration when buying a screen room tent, but it is guaranteed to improve your summer camping trip by a lot. There is no reason to miss out on this amazing product.



Grooming is not just to make your pet look “cute” but essential in keeping your pet healthy.
At the Salty Paw we pride ourselves in caring for each pet as one our own.

Our basic grooming includes:

Consult with groomer
Bath/hand held blow dry
sanitary cut
nail trimming
brushing the teeth
cleaning the ears
Anal glands expressed
GroomingA FULL groom includes the above plus standard breed cut.
Prices vary depending on the breed and the coat condition.
Dematting and shaving fees will be added on.Grooming

Grooming and Bathing are available by appointment seven days a week.
We can often accommodate same day appointments.

Groom Spa

Groom Spa

When Isaac Mizrahi called upon us and commissioned our talented groom team to dye poodles for his Fall 2011 Fashion Show to match his collection, it validated everything we have always known about our grooming, that we are the best at what we do. From grooming, to make overs, paw-di-cures, all day spa treatments, mohawks, and dye jobs Our goal has always been to make your pet beautiful while keeping in mind the health of their coat is first priority.

Our Groomers:

We have been voted two years in a row by Time Out NY, and AMNY as Best Groom Spa in NYC. Our head groomer, May and her team have a combined experience of over 25 years and love each animal as their own. May, who has been noted in many groom magazines, is known for her superb skills and temperament with the animals. This is what has put her above the rest and help put The Salty Paw on the map. Our groom team have mastered all show breed cuts on both dogs & cats right down to the basic puppy cut. With her own unique style and her flawless finish, our clients come from all over the tri-state area to see her and her team. She is also known for her fun and funky hair cuts like mohawks and full body mowhawks. She uses vibrant colors to dye the dogs ears & tails, or to turn them into pandas or lions.

Our BASIC BATH includes:

  • Consult one on one with groomer
  • Bath/hand held blow dry
  • Sanitary cut
  • Nail trimming
  • Brushing the teeth
  • Cleaning the ears

Groom Spa

Our FULL GROOM includes:

All the above + The Standard Breed Cut/Style of your choice.

Our Cat Grooming:

YES, we do cat grooming too. Please inquire on prices for cats, it can vary on cut and breed. Since our feline friends are not accustomed to frequent grooming, appointments for cat grooming are available early Sunday mornings. A credit card must be provided to reserve a spot.

Our Prices:

Price is based on BREED and the condition of your pet’s coat. There are additional fees for de-matting and or shaving.

Color Dyeing

  • We also offer the HOTTEST, NEW TREND of Dog Grooming-Hair Dyeing. Dyes come in a variety of colors such as Wicked Red, Tuxedo Black, Screaming Pink, Midnight Blue etc. All dyes are completely non-toxic and semi-permanant. Coloring results vary with coat type and breed. Pricing varies dependent on the dye job but start at $25+

Groom Spa Appointments Available 7 days a week.

We require proof of vaccinations for every pet as required by the Dept. of Health

EMAIL requests for appointments or any questions to info@thesaltypaw.com

Below are a few dogs that have been made-over by our Groomers


Lulu-poodle w dyed ears

Theo, Ellie and Bella (maltese, shitzu mix, maltese)

Bella w dyed ears, paws & tail. Theo w dyed ears.

Banana a chihuahua/poodle mix

Cecil- Bichon dyed as a Panda Bear



At the Salty Paw we carry a little bit of everything for our four legged friends that you cannot find anywhere else. Hand selected collars, harnesses & leashes from NYC designers Bling Bone, Auburn Leather, and Poochee. Fashionable apparel from NY designers Sam & Tasha, custom made hand knit sweaters from Grandma, Chilly Dog and our very own exclusive “all weather” coats by Black Dog Farms, fashioned after coats for race horses.

Since our best friend come in all shapes and sizes, we have not only incorporated custom apparel but beds and messenger sling bags for them too. We have over 30 fabric samples and can assist you in designing your sling, coats or beds. Please stop by for your custom fitting anytime and allow 7 business days for delivery.

Our Barkery is filled with only the best natural, locally made treats such as Bocce’s Bakery, Biscuits by Lambchop to our favorite’s like Stella & Chewy’s and frozen yogurt by Yoghund.

Our food selection is limited to what we feel is the healthiest for your animals. From Honest Kitchen, Annamaet, Health Extension, to Canine Caviar etc. We even have a selection of products that do wonders for your pet’s coat like Pet Kelp and Coconut Chips. Stop in to get a sample and make sure your pet will love the food as much as we do.

Our groom products have been selected by our head groomer, from our whitening & brightening line of products by Blueberry Facial to Warren London’s Polish Pens to do your own pawdicures, oatmeal shampoo’s and hydrating butter for the coat. Our finishing sprays like Sexy Beast, are by far our most popular item for those not so sexy smelling dog days.

Our kitty selection includes organic catnip toys, treats and vintage bowls.

Doggy Day Camp

Doggy Day Camp

We are thrilled to announce that The Salty Paw Doggy Day Camp is now in session!

”Doggy Day Camp” is to enhance socialization skills amongst our furry friends who are 25 lbs.and under.  The camp has limited enrollment and our pups will play in a private setting supervised by our trained counselors.

We are now taking applications for dogs who:

Are under 25lbs
Vaccinated and healthy
Neutered/Spayed if over 8 months

Doggy Day Camp


Monday-Friday 8 am- 7 pm sharp.


* Single day is $45 per day + tax
* 10 day pack is $40 per day + tax ($50 savings)
* 20 day pack is $35 per day +tax ($200 savings)

We ask that every camper have a mandatory 3 day “trial run” – so we can make sure that your pup is well suited for day camp. ($35 per day + tax)

Doggy Day Camp


* “10 and 20 Day Packages” – pre-paid in full receive 10% off in Groom spa for a “scheduled appt Mon-Thurs only & 10% off all retail except food and treats.
* Parents with more than one dog get 10% off second dog for “10 and 20 Day Packages”

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